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Catch up & Etude House Review

Long time no post! Forever neglecting this blog but not for long (I hope) since I have a nice camera now! I received a Canon EOS 600D the other day as a gift from my father because he thought it would be useful in my career. I love him so much(´・` )♡

I didn't have a nice camera before so it put me off from taking pictures often. I like my photos high quality and to be able to show true colour and detail, and with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, colour and detail is often not possible. With the addition of a DSLR, hopefully I can post more!

Speed catch up! I'm in Hong Kong at the moment (Leaving in a two days -sobs-). That means, cheap(er) Japanese and Korean cosmetics yayyy!

Cosmetics and lenses @ Laforet (Causeway Bay, HK)

I finally picked up some Etude House products since I have always wanted to try them out. Mong Kok has an Etude House store now (Along with a Skinfood and Holika Holika). The other Etude location I know of is in Causeway Bay near Sogo and Laforet.

What did I buy?
- Precious Minerals BB Cream Bright Fit in W13 Natural Beige
- Lovely Cookie Blusher in Raspberry Tart
- Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk in Thrilling Red

*For reference: my skin is combination (Oily T-zone, normal everywhere else with some slightly drier spots).





 One of the lists on my makeup-to-buy list when I arrived in Hong Kong was a new BB Cream. Previously, I was using the Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream (Refer to this post for a short review) which I absolutely love but did tend to make me look shiny quickly due to its moisturizing qualities. I didn't mind blotting throughout the day, simply because the finish is beautiful and made my skin look incredibly smooth (Source: Friends raving about my skin (´▽`ʃƪ)). I ran out just before flying so I decided to try out a new BB Cream (I rarely use the same face product twice in a row, no matter how much I love it). I am pleased to say I am in love with this BB cream!

It provides about a medium coverage but applied lightly and it can be lighter, and can also be built up to a more full coverage (Be careful though, too much and it can look cakey.) My skin has improved tremendously so I tend not to use a lot of foundation or bb cream on my face now; about half a full pump. Even then it still provides a nice amount of coverage all over my face, but still has my skin showing through.

Its consistency is a bit thick like most bb creams. It has a nice dewy finish, but it doesn't feel overly moisturizing or too dry, so I can get away with just powdering my T-zone and eye area. It also has decent oil control. I walked around Soho (Area in Hong Kong Island. Everything is on a hill) in slightly humid weather with platforms and blotted once, which surprised even myself because I felt like I was slowly being baked (-’๏_๏’-)

Lower half blended out

W13 Natural beige is a really good match for me as well. My face is actually kind of dark (In MAC terms, probably NC30) but I like to match slightly lighter because foundations tend to oxidize on my skin AND I do like to look a little paler. Basically, I become NC20-25 with face products! It does have a bit of that grey tone that BB creams tend to have, but it's not as apparent as most which is a plus.

Completely blended in

Overall, this BB cream is a win for me! I would recommend this one for those with normal/combination and oily skin. Dry skin types will probably find this not moisturizing enough.



I am need of more blushes!! ヽ(・_・;)ノ
And portable ones at that! I can't bring around my blush palette whenever I want to touch up, you know?

I picked up this colour, Raspberry Tart because I didn't have one like this before. It's a bright pink with a slight shimmer and sparkle. I don't have that many blushes to be honest (。・・。)

The packaging is super cute. It's a very round compact and included inside is a fuzzy puff with a cute pink ribbon. Puffs aren't the most hygienic but with blush, I'm sure you can get away with more.

The bright colour may scare some people off but it's actually a very cute dolly pink look! It shows up really nicely on the cheeks; not just a reddish pink, but a true pink. It did fade throughout the day slightly, but I find that blush rarely stays on my cheeks unless I use the cream blush + powder blush combo, which is why it's good that I could still see some of it by the end of the day!

Included a lip because I was too lazy to wipe it off :)



Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk

I can never get enough reds (*´∀`*)
So here is another red lipstick to add to my makeup bag!

Thrilling Red is a gorgeous shade of a medium red that is quite neutral and very strong. It's very moisturizing and has a lovely glossy finish.

However, it doesn't last through a meal. It is quite moisturizing and because of that it has a bit of slip to it. You will definitely need to re-apply after drinking.

My regular red lipstick is Ronnie Red from the MAC Archie collection. It stays put all day and through meals, but I think the finish and colour of Thrilling Red is much stronger and more luscious than Ronnie Red.

Overall, love the colour, feel and finish but lasting power lacks. I'm definitely going to keep using this because I love the colour and gloss but for those who don't like the hassle of re-applying a couple times throughout the day should skip out on it.

Wearing the BB cream and lipstick:

*Gloss applied over the lipstick: Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex Lipgloss in RD311

Will get a worn pic of the blush as well!

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