Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Anime Expo 2014! Gyaru all weekend!

Last post was back in March, oh man! Lots of things have happened in the past 4 months, including conventions! Anime North, Colossalcon and Anime Expo have both passed by and they were all really amazing. In particular, Anime Expo this year was super fun! I was part of the shop staff for the Ghost of Harlem booth along with other gals in the SoCal community who were part of the Kokokim, Swankiss and Golds Infinity booths.

But a lot of these photos will probably be from Madame Tussauds (´ヮ`) After Anime Expo ended, we went to Little Tokyo for dinner (Where all the AX-goers migrated to) and then the next day we spent at Hollywood and Highland, Madame Tussauds, and Little Tokyo again. The last day, we went to Hollywood and Highland for a bit because I wanted to buy things from Muji, and went to Koreatown before heading back to LAX to go home.

Oh yeah, I also did my hair on the Wednesday before Anime Expo! Thank you James and friend for doing it for me! ῍̻̩✧(´͈ ૢᐜ `͈ૢ)˖῍̻̩

At Buffalo airport, I tried spelling out my name for the girl at the register. This is the result. It was also my nickname for the rest of the trip.

Just before landing at LAX, we saw the sunset from above the clouds (It was actually cloudy in LA so we weren't able to see it after landing)
Freshly done hair! Ash-blonde ( ˃̶ω˂̶ ૃ)
One of the only selfies I took haha! Before starting Day 2 of AX!

Sort of a picture of our booth (With Kathy's arm in the corner hehe)

Ghost of Harlem shop staff girls and designer Akiko-san!

Kathy (Kato-Kathy) hard at work at our booth!

Accessories from Ghost of Harlem

Sachiko at the Swankiss booth

Swankiss shoes and clothing

With Swankiss designer Hayashida Saaya-san!

Happie Nuts models Satomi Akane-san and Oogawa Yumi-san!

Kokokim booth

With Rei, Nino and Kathy!

Swankiss x Ghost of Harlem girls!

Shitty hotel room outfit shot before heading out to dinner on Day 3 ft. Ghost of Harlem jacket and accessories, Swankiss pants + beanie

My Ghost of Harlem stuff!
Akiko-san was so nice to us at the booth. The clothing we chose on the first day ended up being presents to us, as well as two pieces of accessories that they asked us to wear for the customers to see! GoH staff got 50% off everything so I ended up getting the suspender maxi-dress, bomber jacket and beanie! On the last day, she thanked us by allowing us to choose one more piece of clothing to take with us (*´꒳`*) I tweeted her after arriving home in Toronto and got a response back too!

Last selfie before the con ended, with Akiko-san!

Akiko-san and Ooga-san (One of the Japanese GoH staff) asked me and Wynter (Another GoH girl) to model some clothing for their global webshop on Yesstyle so when that gets published, I'll be sure to write about it!

Purchases from Swankiss
I've been eye-ing these high-waist pants from Swankiss ever since I first looked them up, and I am proud to say that I now own BOTH the designs I've wanted in my preferred colours! ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪ I regret not buying more from there booth because there was a top I really liked that ended up going for $40-$50. I should have bought it because it was from the marine collection, which isn't sold online anymore (༎ຶ⌑༎ຶ)

I can foresee myself ordering more clothing from both brands in the (Hopefully not near) future. I'm so glad to have met all the girls in Cali and I'm definitely going to try and go again next year!

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