Thursday, 20 June 2013

Harajuku-kei inspired makeup & Hapa Izakaya eats

So today I tried out the new eyeshadow and pen eyeliner I got yesterday! I'm really happy with how my makeup looked today

It's hard to tell but I used the wine pen eyeliner and the the pink rosey eyeshadow on the lid and lower lashline, combined with a chocolate brown for depth for a Harajuku-kei inspired look, maybe channeling a bit of cult party with the amount of eyeshadow and the colour on the outer third of the lower lashline.

Excuse the bits of my bangs you see on the side of my face; this was the only way to see my eyebrows!

I wore this out on a girl's night out dinner with some friends at Hapa Izakaya today! Hapa had a deal on Groupon: $30 for $60 worth of food for 4+ people. This was my outfit (●´∀`●)

I forgot to take more pictures of our food, but if you ever go there, you MUST try the Lobster Motoyaki! IT IS ABSOLUTE HEAVEN. Pardon my language but I think I jizzed my pants when I took the first bite. It's a steep price at $18.99 for a small serving but trust me, it is worth every bite. I only took two photos of our food (⌒_⌒;) From what I remember, we also ordered a Negitoro, Kobe Steak Bites, Ishi-yaki, Kinoko Ishi-yaki, Pork Belly Lettuce Wrap, Ahi Tuna Steak, Duck Poutine...and that's it?!

Ahi Tuna Steak

The wasabi dressing? Puree? I'm not sure, but it came with the Ahi Tuna Steak and it really makes this dish. It's not super spicy but the full wasabi flavour is there and compliments the tuna extremely well. The tuna is also very tender. A lovely dish indeed! I could eat the wasabi part by itself, that's how good it was!

Kinoko Ishikaya
In the end we (Five people) ended up paying roughly $7 each...which we flipped out about because we held back from ordering more because we thought we were at $20 per person. My friend clearly was not calculating correctly (´・_・`) We felt really bad and we almost told our server to take back the bill so we could order more food, but we settled on grabbing some froyo in the end.

Hapa also has Hapa Hour (Happy hour) where they have half off tapas! It's a separate menu and they also have a drink special during that time too I believe! It's from 5:30PM-6:30PM and I definitely want to give it a try!

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