Tuesday, 11 February 2014

eBay Purchases: Eyemazing and Innisfree

So lately I've been getting into buying cosmetic products off eBay. I hear so much about it from my friends that I decided to give it a shot. I've only ever bought clothing off eBay (You know, all that taobao stuff that's resold there) but I've never attempted to buy cosmetics because the risks of buying cosmetic products online is higher than that of clothing due to hygiene and authenticity.

After researching on legit sellers and checking feedback, I settled for sellers f2plus1 and rainbow-japan and I am really pleased with everything!

f2plus1 is the go-to seller for popular Korean cosmetic brands such as Etude House, Holika Holika, Skin Food and so on (Look at the 35000+ feedback will ya?) who not only sells for really good prices, but also offer wholesale and 2pc/3pc listings. Rainbow-Japan doesn't have as much feedback but all their feedback is from real customers (You can tell with the amount of detail in the reviews). As they are a much smaller group, they really take time to personalize all their orders.

I started out small, one product from both sellers.

From f2plus1, I purchased the Innisfree Skinny Waterproof Microcara and from rainbow-japan, I purchased the Eyemazing x Amoyamo eyelashes in Rockabilly. Both arrived in small parcel boxes.

So first thing: Eyemazing x Amoyamo

The parcel arrived a little under two weeks after it was marked as shipped. Super cute pacakaging too!

Super cute handwritten thank you note on Rilakkuma paper AND tape! They know my weakness...

Rainbow-japan also sent me a message once my item was paid for and after it was shipped, offering combined shipping if I were to buy any more and keeping me updated with the status. Super thumbs up for service and extra points for the cute packaging and note ^_^

The lashes themselves are shorter than I expected. Here is a comparison to my other lashes (Picture from my Instagram):

Top to bottom: Dolly Wink #11, random ebay lashes, Dolly Wink #1, random brown lashes from HK

Combining the colour mix of red and ash brown, and the length, it works to create a natural look with an extra bit of oomph. The design of the lashes and the length keeps it from looking over the top while the colour will make people look twice! The invisible lashline is a plus, which helps blend it with your natural lashline better. These lashes have made me start doing more natural makeup looks and I think it's a refreshing change.

Next up is the Innisfree mascara! 


I didn't take a picture of the packaging but within the box parcel, there was the mascara wrapped in bubble wrap, two samples of Etude House Cotton Fit BB Cream and a note that links us to their webstore.

The wand is TINY! I saw the pictures but I was still really surprised when I first opened up the mascara.

They say it's 2.5mm but it seems to be even smaller at 2.0mm.

It surprisingly doesn't feel as fragile as I thought it would be, but still more fragile than most mascara wands obviously. Thanks to this tiny wand, I can really get into the roots of my short and straight lashes. As for the formula itself, it's nice during the first coat. It defines and lengthens well but it is definitely not a build up mascara.

It holds up a curl quite well as you can see and it does wonders for my bottom lashes. Like I said before though, it is not a build up mascara. The first time looks fantastic but as you build up, it starts to clump into spider lashes. If you're not into that look, this mascara may not be for you.

As for the waterproof properties, I cried (Anohana, 'nuff said) while wearing this mascara and it didn't budge one bit. At the same time, it is also harder to remove; you'll definitely need a waterproof makeup remover.

TL;DR: The winning point of this mascara is definitely the wand. The formula is alright and it defines my bottom lashes very well. However, to me it's not good for building up or re-applying throughout the day as it tends to clump into spider lashes.

Repurchase? Probably not. While the wand is amazing, the formula is average.

I find that my Japanese mascaras do both a better curling and lengthening job without the clumpiness that the Innisfree one has. I will continue using this until I find a new mascara to use (I really want to try some Fasio mascaras. I have Matsumoto Jun to blame for his ads u_u)

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